As part of Yacht Skipper 3 training, you need to learn how to foresee a possible collisions from two bearings to another vessel. After entering bearing and distance for two observations of another vessel, press the Update button to calculate the closest point of approach (in NM) and the time (in minutes) to this.

Distances are nautic miles (1.852 km), Bearings in degrees, time in minutes and hhmm.

The abbreviations stand for:

  1. CPA – Closest Point of Approach: This refers to the point at which two objects being tracked by radar are closest to each other in their projected paths.
  2. TCPA – Time to Closest Point of Approach: This indicates the amount of time remaining until the two tracked objects reach their closest point to each other.
  3. BCT – Bearing Crossing Time: This represents the time it takes for two objects tracked by radar to reach a point where their paths intersect in terms of bearing.
  4. BCR – Bearing Crossing Range: This signifies the range or distance between two tracked objects when their paths intersect in terms of bearing.

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