Privacy Statement

This page describes how this site and all our Windows Store apps collect, uses and protect your information.

1) We ( will not use or share your information with any third parties or external services. Except as described in this Privacy Policy.

2) Our Apps collects your Unique Device ID ('UDID') and/or IP address.

3) The UDID information is used to determine the aggregate number of unique devices using the APP, to track total usage, analyze data, and communicate with you more effectively.

4) Both the UDID and IP address are shared with Microsoft PubCenter. This is needed to show the in-APP advertisement.

5) The website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer and which collects information to help us improve our website and make it more user friendly.

6) Our website uses two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies, which are stored on your computer for a certain period of time after you have shut down your browser, are used to monitor and log web traffic and traffic patterns between your computer and our website. Session cookies, which delete themselves automatically when you have shut down your browser, are used to optimise loading of our website and web caching on your computer.

Any questions about this privacy policy can be directed to Niels Olsen at


Please leave this site or uninstall any of our Apps if you do not agree with this privacy statement.